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My first large scale (in number of figures) diorama. Iíve reconstructed this piece three times over the years as my skills have improved. This 1/72nd scale diorama contains over 200 modified figures in soft plastic from Italeri, ESCI, Men of Honor, Preiser, Atlantic, and Airfix. The terrain is sculpted foam with ground cover from various spices and dried flowers. The diorama is mounted on a Maple frame.
South Africa, 1878
Zulu warriors of the uMbonnambi Regiment overwhelm soldiers of the 1/24 Infantry Regiment as they attempt to retreat to their tents. Over 1,300 British soldiers died in the attack launched by 20,000 Zulu warriors. It was one of the worst defeats ever inflicted on the British army, who lost more officers that day than at Waterloo.
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